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Future careers

Future careers

The experience of choristership at Westminster Abbey is one that lasts a lifetime. Lessons the boys learn here stand them in very good stead whatever they may do or wherever they may go in later life. The vast majority leave us at 13 to move on to one of the leading independent schools where most win valuable music scholarships. After that, some will continue to work within music but many will choose a completely different career. Again and again former choristers have said how important their time here was in preparing them for later life. It may be interesting to note that there are currently ten former Abbey choristers as undergraduates at Oxford and Cambridge universities alone. That amounts to almost two thirds of our leavers.


There is a thriving Old Choristers’ Association and many seek to keep closely in touch with the school and the Abbey. Visit for further information.


Leavers' destinations and awards

In the past five years boys have moved on to senior schools, almost all with valuable scholarships. You can view the list as a PDF.


Leavers' destinations