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Since they sing in Latin on a regular basis, choristers tend very quickly to develop a feel for the subject and many choose to continue with it long after they leave the Choir School. We start lessons in Year 6 and deliberately move quickly. The subject has enormous benefits for children of this age as it allows them to learn about the way in which language works while also developing more general skills and techniques of learning.  


The course is very largely language based, though we make sure that boys appreciate aspects of the Roman way of life and we consider some of the benefits of that legacy. 


The syllabus is based on that of Common Entrance and the various individual senior school scholarship papers. We aim for a good pass (65% or above) in Level 3 Common Entrance at the end of Year 8 as an average, though less confident pupils may be advised to take Level 2. Several boys offer Classics as an optional scholarship paper.


We start Greek in Year 8 and the majority of boys go on to take Level 2 after just a year’s study. The aim is to provide them with a good foundation to allow them to continue with Classics, if they choose to do so, at their senior schools.