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Boys are taught to appreciate both the value of communication in a foreign language, and an understanding of Francophone culture in today’s globalised world. Not only do they develop the language skills necessary to interact with others in French, but also the importance of building bridges with the international world.


From Year 4, when they arrive, classes are taught by a language specialist in a dedicated classroom.  The early years are devoted to learning the language in a natural and progressive fashion, with an emphasis on enjoyment and developing the confidence to express oneself in a new language. Games, songs and stories all feature heavily in an approach that is tailored to choristers with their ‘musical’ ear. This develops into a thorough grounding in grammar, structure, and vocabulary, as boys are given the tools and knowledge necessary for deeper understanding.


We use a variety of texts and interactive materials to bring the subject to life and we encourage boys to take an active interest in all things French.


In the final years, boys use the expertise, knowledge, and confidence they have developed over the course of their time at the school to explore creatively and widen the boundaries of their new language. The skills of reading, writing, listening, and most importantly speaking, are developed and reinforced over the years, and the result is that boys are competent and confident in expressing themselves in a foreign language.